There is always a high chance to find an immigration lawyer in Texas who is also a specialist with criminal defense. I wrote this post for those immigrants in Texas and nearby areas who are facing criminal cases. I have noted an increase in number of immigrants charged with various criminal offenses such as DUI (Drinking Under Influence), drug-related cases, tax evasion, illegal stay, and many more.


Seek Immediate Help From An Immigration Lawyer In Texas

It is important to seek professional assistance from an immigration lawyer, the moment you face any kind of criminal offense. I have noted that most immigrants fail to do this. Remember, do not make any statement to the police unless you have your legal representation. You need to take note of this since any statement during your arrest could lead to more legal problems. Make sure that you ask for a lawyer before the police department submit the charge sheet that contains your statement. Regardless of your criminal case, a skilled immigration lawyer is the best professional to ask help for such critical setting.


Characteristics Of A Competent Immigration Lawyer

I have notices that not all immigration lawyers practicing in Texas are equally skilled in handling various kinds of criminal cases. Thus, I have made a list of the characteristics of a competent lawyer that you must remember in searching for one.

I guess it is safe to say that looking for an immigration lawyer who can handle criminal defense takes time and effort I strongly suggest asking crucial questions first to the attorney about his background and experience in handling your case. Although it could be awkward, it is crucial to ask about his case standing or the win-loss record of the attorney when it comes to handling criminal cases that are similar to yours.


Former Prosecutors Are The Best

I honestly think that it is best to get the services of an immigrant lawyer who has been a prosecutor in Texas. This kind of lawyer has extensive knowledge of the legal system. A former prosecutor at your side will be an advantage since he could provide you with the general perspective of the case. I think this is one of the most important characteristics of immigration lawyers that are often ignored by immigrants facing criminal charges.


Look For A Professional And Cordial Immigration Lawyer In Texas

Immigration Lawyer In TexasHiring an immigration lawyer who has all the favorable characteristics of being outstanding is not the only requirement. I believe it is also crucial that you will be comfortable in talking about your case with your lawyer. Most immigrants in Texas are Spanish-speaking folks, so most immigration lawyers are bilingual to make their clients feel comfortable while discussing the case.

There are many immigration lawyers with criminal defense training who can provide help when immigrants got charged with any kind of crime. Just be sure to look for an immigration lawyer in Texas with extensive legal knowledge of immigration law in the US and could also fight for your rights at the court.