I remember a time when a friend had called me up to ask if I could recommend a good immigration lawyer in Texas. Since I’m based in another state, I simply referred him to a colleague who is practicing law in Dallas and is specializing in matters concerning immigration. From what I’ve heard from the lawyer, my friend, who was then an Italian national, was in a serious danger of being deported due to overstaying his tourist visa. Thanks to the attorney’s extensive experience in legal counseling, my friend is now taking the path to becoming a naturalized American citizen.

I understand why my Italian friend had deliberately overstayed in the US. Aside from the fact that the country has plenty of things to offer its foreign visitors, the process involving residency and citizenship could actually take years that it seems easier to just thrive illegally. While I had previously expressed my disapproval of his status, I also commended him for taking the initiative to iron things out between him and the immigration officers. Perhaps I was right in recommending the legal services of the Texas-based lawyer.


Getting The Services Of An Immigration Lawyer In Texas

There are other issues regarding immigration which foreigners should study first in order to have legal residency status in theUS. As any law-abiding American would tell you, the federal country has one of the strictest policies on immigration. Within the span of ten years, the USCIS has recorded an average of 7,000,000 illegal immigrants to the US. This alarming news had forced the government to diligently go after the law offenders.

Still, no matter how difficult it is to gain a legal status in America, there are several law firms that offer representation services to foreigners who wish to stay in the country for good. I’ve heard that Texas lawyers are quite experienced at this area of practice.


When To Contact An Immigration Lawyer In Texas

In addition to the example provided by my friend, there are other case scenarios which qualify for legal representation in the immigration court. Perhaps the most common residence issue that many foreign nationals seek is the reunification with US-based families. In order for your family to gain admission to the US, you as a legal citizen will have to petition first for each of your family members. Most immigration lawyers advise their clients to file their petitions as early as possible since the process could take up to 15 years.

Another case in point is the employment-based visa applications. To prevent employers from running into legal disputes, it is best to seek immigration counsel right away.


Why Choose Texas-Based Attorneys?

With theDallaslawyer’s impressive handling of my friend’s case, I am convinced thatTexasattorneys are an exceptional breed when it comes to immigration issues. In Dallas alone, I’ve found out that a lot of firms are specializing in residency and naturalization cases for aliens.


How Much To Spend On Legal Services?

Immigration Lawyer In TexasRepresentation fees shouldn’t matter when it comes to legal disputes. I know a few firms where you can get the best legal counseling at reasonable costs. What I can advise is that you seek an immigration lawyer in Texas that has a good reputation.