Immigrants must seek assistance from an immigration lawyer in Texas if they are charged with DUI or Driving Under Influence. I have noticed that there is a surge of immigrants being caught for DUI. Because this is a serious legal matter, I have decided to write this post. If you are an immigrant and you are charged with DUI cases, then you might lose your working visa, might be deported to your home country and lose forever your American dream. You might also compelled by law to pay fines. These are serious risks so immigrants must never drive while being intoxicated.

But for immigrants who already committed DUI, the first thing that you must do is to seek assistance from an immigration lawyer to be your champion at the court. There are many types of immigration lawyers in Texas so you must learn how to narrow down your options.


Stay Away From Cheap Immigration Lawyers

I wouldn’t recommend cheap lawyers for any cases. Although immigrants might want to save money, but hiring cheap lawyers could be expensive in the end. Normally, affordable lawyers make profit by handling numerous cases simultaneously. They might represent many immigrants at the same time, so your case could be disregarded. While these lawyers could be experienced, they might not have sufficient time to study your case. Thus, your case might be put on risk. Apart from this, there is a high possibility that they are making the ends meet by saving on incidental expenses.


Avoid General Practitioner Lawyers

Like cheap lawyers, general practitioner lawyers must be avoided. Basically, these lawyers might handle different cases so they don’t have any specialization. Although these attorneys could provide you representation for DUI case, they might have limited experience in defending an immigrant. Even if the attorney has experienced representing DUI offenders, the experience could be insufficient. I suggest seeking the assistance from an immigration lawyer with long years of experience in handling DUI cases.


Seeking Help From A Public Immigration Lawyer In Texas Is Better

I have high regards with public attorneys compared to cheap lawyers and general practitioners. However, I have noticed that public attorneys are usually very busy primarily because of the numerous cases they handle for public service. Aside from that, as immigrants, you might be considered second priority since you are not yet a US citizen entitled for free legal services from the government.


Choose An Immigration Lawyer In Texas With Expertise And Experience In DUI Cases

Immigration Lawyer In TexasIt is highly recommended to choose the best immigration lawyers from Texas. I think it is important to make sure that the lawyer has expertise and experience in defending DUI cases. You can trust a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases.

I recommend choosing an immigration lawyer who is a member of the bar association and recognized legal organization in Texas. You can ask for referrals and find lawyers online. Choose an immigration lawyer in Texas with outstanding academic background and has been handling DUI cases for immigrants for many years.